Coming Soon - on Livernois Ave. just North of U of D

About the Owner

J’nai Porter is CEO of Loose Massage Therapy Plus and have serviced Metro-Detroit for over 17 years. She is a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Michigan and Lead Therapist at LMTP. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wayne State University in Sociology and Peace and Conflict Studies. She obtained a Plant Based Nutrition professional certification from Cornell University and is current with state continuing education guidelines.

J’nai is dedicated to massage therapy service, professional development, and community building. She uses her platform to highlight the importance of Personal Care, incorporating preventative measures, and maintaining a healthy life style. Her creative direction and team model has led LMTP toward continued growth and expansion.

Our Mission

Loose Massage Therapy Plus priority is to provide an opportunity for women, men, and our youth to have access to affordable, effective, and enjoyable massage therapy services that include extra value! We show our customers feeling better is within their reach!

Our current massage services offered are 30Min, 1HR, 90Min, and 2HR. We specialize in therapeutic massage with a focus on pain relief, recovery, stress relief, and relaxation. We include free therapeutic enhancements with services, give full service times, and our customers can afford monthly massage without a membership!

Value Statement

Our services are packed with extra value! Where most massage companies offer a base massage service and require paying extra for their therapeutic add-ons that boost benefits experienced. We have determined our core therapeutic add-ons are Included as part of the service. 

At Loose Massage therapy plus the hot stones are free and aromatherapy essential oils are flowing. We give our customers access to the type (Add) of massage styles that show the most effectiveness. We customize each session, our customers receive full service times, and can afford monthly massage without a membership!

We have a “Team Model” and work to ensure everyone is winning. We recognize our Licensed Massage Therapists as professionals and provide ongoing training so we are on accord. Our top priority is helping our customers “Get Loose and Feel Better” with a muscle melting massage!

Additionally we always show our “Customers Appreciation”.  Be it a Giveaway, a Raffle, a Discount, or a Resource. LMTP is always coming up with creative ways to tell our Clients-Thank You!

Local Message Therapy School

One Hour Massage $40

One Hour Seniors (60+) $35


Two hour massage $80

two hour seniors (60+) $70

Two Hour veteran/military massage $60

Customers get full one hour or two hour massage

Open 7 days per week 

Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-7:30pm; Weekends 9am-3pm

massages by Students studying Swedish massage

& therapeutic techniques

 Hot stones are not included.

ONE HOUR New Customer MASSAGE $55




One Hour Disability $45

One Hour Youth $45

90Min New Customer Massage $75

90Min Senior, Veteran, Disability, youth $65

2 Hour New customer Massage $100

2 Hour Senior, Veteran, Disability $95


HOURS: Mon-Sat 10am–7pm; Sun 2pm-8pm

Therapeutic massage styles are customized for each customer 



Ongoing discounts for all customers

Customers get full-service times: 30Min-1HR- 90Min-2HR

Data: Local Massage School rates for Student Massage Therapy services compared to Loose Massage Therapy rates performed by Professional Licensed Massage Therapists.  This data highlights LMTP services New Customer price point, average rates per massage, and extra value included.

Coming Soon

We are embarking upon making a dream a reality. We are expanding and will be reopening in a new store-front shop in Detroit on Livernois Avenue of Fashion, which has become a prime area for redevelopment. We are excited and looking forward to unveil Loose Massage Therapy Plus Detroit's new layout. If you are looking for a career opportunity as a licensed massage therapist click the Contact Tab!

What's New

We are taking this growth opportunity to respond to customer feedback and enhance customer experience. We are adding new services that combine pampering and therapeutic, group services, corporate (wellness), workshops, and a personal care retail store.

What You Need To Know

  • We offer Single sessions, Buddy sessions, Couples, Group services, Mobile massage services/Events, and Corporate services.
  • Customers on Disability, Veterans, Senior Citizens 63+, and Youth up to 17 years old are eligible for discounted services.
  • Block-out dates are reserved for customers taking advantage of special promotional deals offered by LMTP: Valentine’s Day, April Customer Appreciation Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Sweetest Day, and Black Friday.
  • Hydrate-Drink extra water before and after services.
  • There is no special clothing or attire required.
  • We give customers “Full-Table Time”.

  • Massage “Table Time” begins at appointment time, meaning we anticipate customer will be on the massage table to start session by service start time.
  • Booking services through our online calendar requires a 24-hour advance.
  • Services can be booked through our online calendar up to two months out.
  • Text Business Cell (313) 574-3784 for express booking and to inquire about same-day services.
  • Gratuity/Tips are allowed and much appreciated!
  • We Value our Customers!


  • ​We are Closed the fourth Thursday of November and December 25th.
  • Youth – 17 years and under must be accompanied by parent or authorized adult to fill out or sign intake form. Adult may be required to stay.
  • Prenatal massages are performed after 1st trimester and 6 weeks post-delivery.
  • Documentation is required to take advantage of veteran, disability, senior, and birthday discounts.
  • All vouchers, coupons, and gift cards must be shown or redeemed upon arrival or before the start of services.
  • New customers may arrive 15 min prior to scheduled service to fill out intake form.
  • Customers arriving more than 15 min after appointment start time are subject to be cancelled.

  • Services promotional value must be redeemed within indicated time period to avoid added charge.
  • Massage Appointments must be Canceled 24-hours before scheduled time or there is a $25 non-cancellation fee. Non-cancellation fees are due immediately.
  • Mini Combo and Mega maintenance packages cannot be shared and are intended for one person.
  • Groupon and Living Social vouchers are intended for New Customers but may be purchased again after 6 months. Existing LMTP customers are not eligible to use a Groupon/Living Social vouchers if they have used a massage service purchased through LMTP within the last six months.
  • Full Price services do not expire.
  • All sales are final


If you have a communicable disease your massage appointment is subject to be canceled. (See cancellation policy).

List of common Contraindications for massage use:
• Fever or infections (including cold/flu/viruses)
• Renal Failure
• Skin rashes
• Open sores
• Severe high blood pressure
• Severe Sunburn
• First-trimester of pregnancy