Temporary Location Details

LMTP is excited to announce that we have secured a temporary location and our Massage Therapy bookings are resumed. LMTP customers are eligible to continually take advantage of our New Customer rate when you book at the Temporary Location (Excluding Specialty Services). We Appreciate all of your patience on our journey to expansion!

We have partnered with Dr. Cecil Forbes, Chiropractor, owner and operator of iCare Spine and Rehabilitation Center located at 18984 Livernois Ave. Detroit, MI 48221.  Dr. Forbes “treats patients with back pain, headaches, nerve impingements, whiplash, sciatica, and other forms of chiropractic ailments". This will be a great opportunity for both LMTP clients and iCare patients to take advantage of our combined skill sets.  We both are passionate about Health Awareness and performing effective services.

Learn more about iCare Spine and Rehab www.icaresr.com

Book a Massage with LMTP Text/Call (313) 574-3784

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Location Landmarks:

Located off of West 7Mile inside of the plaza with the Heritage Optical Center and Metro PCS store. There is plaza parking available.